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Running It By The Numbers; More 4.1 Mage Updates

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It's only two little bullet points but they're the best bullet points I have seen in the whole of the 4.1 patchnotes.


· Frostbolt damage has been increased by 10%.

· Frost

· Fingers of Frost bonus damage applied to Ice Lance has been increased to 25%, up from 15%.

It's.... it's beautiful.

*wipes tear away*

All sentimentality aside, what does this mean for us (and by us I mean Frost Mages).  Well Blizzard have previously stated that one of their goals was an increase in the use of Frostbolt - it fact it was a goal for patch 4.06 which led to the first Frostbolt 15% damage buff which comes with Frost specialisation.  It's important to note, however, that the buff was given to Frost Mages compensate for a reduction in mastery which resulted in a 15% damage reduction to frozen targets; it was designed to reduce Ice Lance spam against frozen targets and appears to have worked out well.

So what does this mean in practical terms?  How much damage will you actual do now?  Well after many, many visits to Dr. Google F. Search I have the answers.  Why I do this to myself, I have no idea because I hate maths but really I felt I should include numbers rather than just repeating what the patchnotes already say.

To save eye bleeding, I'll put the formulas I used at the end so you can a) check I'm right and b) work out your own damage if you feel inclined to do so.  Just so you know, in all examples I'm using here the spellpower for our 'sample mage' is 6000. Just for reference; I have the spell coeffiecent for Frostbolt as 81.4% - that might be outdated with Cataclysm but not too far off.



Non-Frost Mage Frostbolt Damage

Currently a non-Frost Mage with a spellpower of 6000 deals between 5541 and 5721 with Frostbolt and between 11054 and 11413 critical strike damage.

With the new buff to Frostbolt this becomes 5606-5804 normal damage and 11183-11578 with a critical strike.

No great shakes there then, but what about a Frost Mage?

Frost Mage Frostbolt Damage

Well currently a Frostbolt hitting a non-frozen target will do between 7757-8009 damage (again assuming 6000 spellpower) and 15475-15977 damage for a crit.

With patch 4.1 this will become 7848-8125 damage and 15656-16209 damage for a crit against a non-frozen target.

Now when we start throwing in frozen targets and talent specialization things start getting a lot more complicated. I’m not 100% sure I have the formula right but here we go.

Now for this I’m going to use my spec, glyphs and Mastery rating just to make like easier; so that’s Shatter, Glyph of Deep Freeze and 3 points in Mastery. We’ll still assume a Spellpower of 6000. Also, I’ll be here all day going through all the different variations so we’ll just say we got a Deep Freeze off.

Currently this means a mage with my setup and 6000SP casting Frostbolt would hit a Deep Frozen target for between 12008-12398 and would (more likely) crit for between 23995-24734.

With 4.1 this would change to 12149-12578 for a normal hit and a juicy 24237-25093 for a critical hit against a Deep Frozen target.

These aren’t massive increases and I’m not totally sure how much this will actually add to our DPS in boss fights (remember bosses aren’t going to be frozen). But for mobs and I guess for PvP this is a nice little boost.

Frost Mage Ice Lance Damage Buff

Ice Lance

Now this is what we want for boss fights. The FoF damage increase is going to directly improve our ability to increase DPS during boss fights and that is nothing but a good thing.

I’m not actually sure on the formula for Ice Lance but I think I’ve got it so here goes…

Currently a Fingers of Frost Proc’d Ice Lance will hit for between 8094 and 8391 damage (assuming all the same glyphs, talents and spellpower as before) and will crit for between 16147 and 16740.

In Patch 4.1 this would change to 8798-9120 for normal damage and 17552-18194 for a crit.

In Summary

I’m really starting to look forward to Patch 4.1 XD

In you're something of a masochist and want to look at the numbers I used then you can find all that information here.

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 March 2011 13:47  

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