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Frost Mage Rotation Flowchart (Bosses)

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This is war people!!! And every good soldier knows that in any war there has to be a battle plan to follow; otherwise you just get people running around aimless just being rather silly and not achieving a great deal - when that happens you'll usually end up an unfortunate smear on the underside of some raid boss's boot.  So to continue on with Frost Mage rotation guides I present to you your individual battle plan in handy dandy flow chart format.

I was going to present it via the medium of song and dance but hey... I'm no Blood Elf rap star so you'll just have to deal with functional diagrams - suck it up.  Taking a leaf out of Vidyala's very knowledgeable book I have attempted to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing than the last one.  BTW if you haven't seen Vidyala's Fire Mage Flowchart I suggest you go look at it cos it's made of win.

Just a couple of points:

The chart opens with what is generally your opening rotation.  It does assume that you have the max talent points in Improved Freeze because basically I don't know a Frost Mage without it - it gives you those two lovely FoF procs. yum!

Be prepared to adapt to the circumstances, if you are worried about the tank's threat generation then don't open straight away with two Deep Freezes - give the tank time to build the threat.  Hopefully the inclusion of Mirror Images straight after your first Deep Freeze should mitigate that risk (and so far it's always worked for me) but be responsive to the situation.  Beyond that opener, you probably won't have to worry about over aggroing because the CD of Deep Freeze will pace your big hit (we're not hot streaking Pyroblasts! here) - but again Ice Block and Invisibility are there if you need it.

Speaking of adapting to circumstances, if you've dropped a pet Freeze you have Deep Freeze AND Brain Freeze - go for the DF/FFB combo.  I didn't list it in the chart cos it doesn't happen that often, well not to me, and an application of common sense is needed with Frost.  Remember the main part of Frost is reacting to your Procs, the skill which lays in Frost is generating those procs yourself rather than waiting for Lady RNG to decide when you deserve one.

Icy veins should be popped when you can; Cold Snap will give you another Icy Veins so don't pop it until your first one has run out and after that just use it when it's available.  It's the same with anything like Synapse Springs, trinkets or the Beserking racial; I like to macro these into existing attacks or into a nuke button wherever possible.  The Raid Leader will call for Time Warp/Heroism/Bloodlust so just respond when they call if that's in your list of duties that raid.

Frost Rotation Flowchart (Bosses)

Click for a larger image

So there we go, that's how to deal with bosses.  As always I welcome any feedback you guys have and I wish you much fun and merriment in your raid boss pwnage :)

Last Updated on Saturday, 05 March 2011 07:08  


0 # AwesomeStubborn 2011-03-04 19:26
The title says it all. This is an excellent resource for all the players who don't like to search through the walls of deeply mathematical text for a simple description of the rotation. Great work!
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0 # RE: AwesomeRunz 2011-03-05 07:18
Thank you very much for the feedback :)

The maths in theorycrafting is daunting, which is generally why I let the guys over at EJ do it all. It's far easier to check over someone else's math than to do it from scratch yourself. Hey I'm the boss round here, I get to delegate responsibilities lol. The challenge for me and many other Mage bloggers that do guides is to turn those formulas and equations into something readable and practical so that someone just pick it up and have a good idea about what they should be doing.

Plus it's always important to remember that maths never accounts for playstyle or specific encounters.

Anyway, have a nosey at the Flowchart for freezeable mobs as well. I will 'prettify' it when I get chance and I'm hoping to Fraps a couple of encounters just so there's another visual element to follow. Just have to make sure I don't embarass myself first lol. Once all that is done I shall hopefully roll it all together by updating the Frost PvE guide ready for 4.1

Phew - why do I always write massive comments? I could have just said "hey thanks man" lol.
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