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Runzwithfire: Shits & Giggles with a Troll Mage

Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

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Bethesda has released the first gameplay footage for their upcoming release Dishonored and it looks beautiful.  The game environment looks like a stunning comparison between the dirty slums of the city and the plush granduer of the upper class palaces; this is a dystopian world but one we've not really seen before with most dystopian environments generally being the comparison between the poor masses and a technologically futuristic upper class (see Half Life 2) rather than aristocratic palaces and rennaissance decadence.


Korean FTC Raids Blizzard Office

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Can't Connect to Diablo 3 Servers?  Do as the Koreans do, and Send in the Boys!

Blizzard's Seoul offices is reported to be under investigation by South Korea's Fair Trade Commission (FTC) for potential breach of the electronic commerce law.  It would appear that a number of South Korean gamers were extremely unhappy about the massive connection problems that accompanied Diablo 3's launch and demanded a refund, unfortunately for them Blizzard operates a strict no refund policy in S. Korea.  The problem for Blizzard is that South Korean law guarantees a refund within seven days for any product provided the problem is not caused by the customer.  That's where the FTC came in, and consequently raided the Blizzard offices and seized a number of documents for evidence for a potential case against the company.

"Alright lad, how do we get past Deathwing?  We can't all be tanks!"


MWO enters closed Beta

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Well it's started, Mechwarrior Online has entered the closed beta phase and invites will be winging their way to the those lucky enough to get in soon.  If you want to join in the action the head over the www.mwomercs.com to register your pilot name and complete the beta profile with a chance to get in.  Don't worry if you don't make it the round of invites though, Piranha Games are offering a Founder's Package which includes early access to the game on 17th July this year, equialvent in game currency value for the cost of the package and some rather sweet exclusive skins and tags to reward your enthusiasm.

Currently the closed Beta will be held on the North American servers but sign ups from across the globe will be considered; unfortunately though the Founder's Package appears to only be getting supported on the North American servers which is a bit of a disappointment.  Whilst I recognise that the largest number of Battletech and Mechwarrior fans are in the old US of A and Canada, there remains a very loyal following in Europe, particularly in the UK and Germany.  All in I am extremely excited about MWO and can't wait to strap myself in to a giant walking fusion reactor for some great pew pew action.


Starting in a New Direction

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Well the time has come to take this blog in a new direction methinks.  For quite some time now I have let the World of Warcraft (WoW) content on here fallow, the simple reason being that I'm just no longer excited or engaged by WoW.  I have the Mists of Pandaria Beta and I feel no incentive to really log in and try it out.  I have sat on this blog and defended WoW and Cataclysm in particular against the naysayers, and whilst I still maintain WoW is a fantastic game, after five years of playing I kind of feel like I've really got everything out of WoW that I can.  I will of course play Mists of Pandaria (MoP) when it comes out but I don't believe that I will devote the countless ours to it that I did with The Burning Crusade, WotLK or Cataclysm.  If I'm 100% honest I just don't think Blizzard is being innovative enough to keep WoW's gameplay relevant compared to newer releases such as Tera and Firefall and whilst I support many of the things coming in MoP such as the pet battles, another revised talent system and the Challenge Modes, I don't think any of these things significantly update the core gameplay experience beyond what was initially introduced seven years ago.  I would still heartily recommend WoW to any new to MMORPGs, or gaming in general, but on a personal level I just don't feel like there are enough new experiences in WoW for me anymore.  It's a bit like getting guitar hero then playing it for 3-6 hours a night for five years, you get new songs where you have to learn new ways and new orders in which to hit the buttons and it's fun, but essentially it is still the same experience for five long years.

So what's new for Runz and what is the future of Runzwithfire.co.uk?

Well I've been trying out a lot of new games and reinstalling some older ones; Mechwarrior 4 and Mechwarrior Living Legends (a Crysis Wars mod) have both been eating up a lot of my time as I prepare for the imminent release of Mechwarrior Online, Piranha Games' new free to play mechwarrior game which is due out later this year.  I've joined up with a semi-professional gaming team - the Steel Jaguars - and we have lots exciting things planned for both MWO and a number of other mecha and non-mecha games over the course of this year.  Darkened, the WoW guild I have been a proud member of for over three years, is also trying new things including Tera and I'm very much looking forward to trying that out with them as soon as finish my playthrough and review of Diablo 3.  I've also been lucky enough to receive a beta for Firefall and I'm in the process of playing and evaluating that.

What does this mean for the site?  Well it means lots more general gaming news as I will hopefully turn this into a gaming news and review website and a cool place for members of the gaming community can hang out.  That's the plan anyhow, and we all know that no plan survives first contact with the enemy so as always I'm not setting any kind of schedule for things just yet, but you will start to see those gradual changes coming and I do hope you stick around to see them.


WoW Meets Dubstep?

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Now this was featured on WoW Insider's WoW Moviewatch and as a longtime fan of electronic music and WoWPairs I felt compelled to comment...

This was, in my opinion, awful.

The music has absolutely no relation with WoW (I was expected some kind of wow music or soundbite sampling I guess) and the dubstep itself was horrendous, not an exciting or interesting song at all. The video was completely irrelevant with basically a couple of simple animations cut and rewound to make it look like they're doing the timewarp. It's the pelvic thrusts that drove me insane (see what I did there).

If the song was halfway decent it could have carried the video, if the video was halfway decent it perhaps could have carried the song. Both are terrible and only emphasise the flaws in each other. It's a shame because WowPairs has produced some great stuff in the past but his recent efforts have been very poorly received. Perhaps he's trying to be experimental or edgy but his latest efforts end up being awful.  I say that with deep sadness as WoWPairs is someone I genuinely looked up to in wow machinima making and I always previously thoroughly enjoyed his work.  I hope a return to form is coming soon, although ultimately he may choose to experiment and keep trying new mixes.  Afterall with great risk comes great rewards, I just hope he doesn't drive his subscribers away before he hits the right note as wow machinima is in a pretty bad state as it is already without losing the talented giants we actually have.

By the way if you were listening for the bass drop, it's at 42 seconds. The drop is not exclusive to dubstep (as so many people new to electronic music seem to think) but is common amongst most types of electronic music and drum and bass. The distinctive thing about dubstep is the wobble bass.

If you'd like to hear some decent dubstep then try this

(although the progressive alesso mix version is much better imo)

also try out

(a very mellow dubstep that's genuinely brilliant).

I love me some bass whilst I'm having morning tea and toast XD


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