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Runzwithfire: Shits & Giggles with a Troll Mage

Source Filmmaker In Open Beta

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In case you missed the news earlier, Valve plans on releasing its Source based trailer making tool to the general public.  That's right it's the same tool used by Valve to create the recent 'Meet The Pyro' trailer - in fact it was used for all the 'Meet the...' shorts.  In had been in closed Beta, but as of about 5pm UK time on 10 July it entered Open Beta and is completely free for you guys to download and use.  Machinima fans have already been really hard at work and so great videos have already been produced, below are two that have really stood out to me.


The Secret World Released

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Funcom's new MMO, The Secret World, was released on 03 July.  I must admit, despite being enthralled by the trailers I haven't really paid a lot of attention to this, Funcom's track record with MMOs had not been fantastic in my opinion.  The release of Age of Conan was a massive let down, and despite subsequently adopting a F2P model and numerous updates and expansions which have brough the game up to a decent standard, the original release of AoC left a bitter taste in my mouth.  The Secret World has received some early criticism for a weak combat system but at the same time I am intrigued by the the idea of the three way power struggle and the incentives to explore and investigate the world, which sounds like it would be a nice departure from the usual hotbar button mashing of traditional MMOs.

If any of you guys have got Secret World, have an opinion, or plan on playing it in the future then please do let me know as I'd love to hear what your opinions are on it.


Dave Gibbons & Charles Cecil Re-Unite

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I'm fairly certain I'm about to have an aneurysm brought about by sheer unadulterated joy.

Those clever chaps over at Eurogamer have managed to get the scoop that Dave Gibbons and Charles Cecil are set to reunite to produce a brand new adventure game.  Point and click adventure fans everywhere rejoice!!!

Wait, what do you mean you don't know who Dave Gibbons or Charles Cecil are?

Well let me enlighten you!

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 July 2012 11:00

Holy Good Moley They're Remaking Baldur's Gate

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I've noted a couple of interesting tidbits today that have made a very very excited Runz and this is one of them.  Apparently back in March of this year Overhaul games announced that they were going to 'remake' Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn - labelling them 'Enhanced Editions'.  Overhaul Games have already stated that they intend to stick to true to the original, and they have the original source code to prove it, but they will be bringing the graphics and music up to modern standards (the orginal Baldur's Gate is some 14 years old now... my god that is a depressing thought about how old I am now) as well as adding some new content to extend the experience, as well as raising the level cap to help accomodate the new experiences.  Overhaul have also announced plans to release all new DLC, including getting some of the original voice actors back to perform new and extended dialogue.  Although it has not been specifically mentioned, I believe it is fairly safe to assume that the original expansions for Baldur's Gate I & II, Tales of the Sword Coast and Throne of Bhaal, will be included.


TF2: Pyro Patch Released

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Valve have finally released 'the Pyro Patch' for the king of free to play shooters, Team Fortress 2.  It's a huge update with some of the most hilarious/disturbing items released so far.  The most signifiacnt of these are the the Pyrovision Goggles; if you login at any point between the patch release and the 05 July you'll earn yourself these snazzy specs which let you see the world how the way a Pyro sees the world... I warn you, it's not pretty.

Last Updated on Monday, 02 July 2012 11:37

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