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Planetside 2 Beta "Soon" - Development Team

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On Tuesday, SOE posted their first Planetside 2 community video, Planetside Command Centre, up on their Youtube channel.  The video has received a lot of positive response from fans for it's forthright conversation from the development team and it looks like it's going to become a very popular feature provided SOE maintains it regularly.  In it they cover Planetside 2 appearance at E3 and the feedback from that, a look at the Infiltrator class (including some very nice footage), some fan art submission and, most importantly, an interview with the Executive Producer Josh Hackney.  Why is an interview with Josh so important?  Because in it he talks about the release of the beta, which should be "within the next month", as well as all the things leading up to beta (skip to 03:05 on the video to hear him talking about it).

Last Updated on Thursday, 12 July 2012 09:00

Time To Get Back Into Shape (For Raiding)

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Complacency is a state of mind that exists only in retrospective: it has to be shattered before being ascertained.Vladimir Nabakov, Russian Author. 


OK so here’s the craic.  Currently the guild (Darkened) is on a bit of a push to complete the Earth, Wind and Fire (EWF) achievement in VOA25.  We had our first attempt last night but the results were a little... frustrating.  Let’s be clear here, this is a bastard hard achievement to do and only two (incredibly overpowered) guilds have achieved it on our realm; to be honest we’re mostly overpowered but it’s still a bugger to do.  It is still regarded as the hardest achievement in game.  It was Emalon and the Overcharge that really did us in because we just couldn’t seem to get the overcharge down fast enough.  This lead to some frustration from the other two groups; now we had members from the 25 man raid team and our usual run of the mill guildies with us and I think there was some general frustration that there were four wipes before we called it.  Let me clear to anyone reading (guildie or not) four wipes on our first attempt at 23:30 at night is not bad, not bad at all.  It is the hardest achievement in game, Exclusivia has very kindly opened it up to all guildies (not least because there are a number of people who can’t be bothered because it doesn’t award anything) and this isn’t going to be like strolling into RS10.  It’s going to take a lot of practice from everyone involved.  You want the achievement?  Suck it up!!!  It’s very rarely I speak like this but I was a little bit disappointed in the 1337 attitude of some people, particularly when some of the main raid team can’t be bothered to show up so we’re filling with guildies who want to help and some PuGs who actually want a challenge, not just phat loot.  Big up to Exclusivia for sticking to her guns on this (I often think she doesn’t just have guns, but also muskets, bayonets, bazookas and landmines – she can be very commanding when she has to be XD ).


Now with my little moan over it’s time to prove that I myself am not above reproach; I did not perform admirably last night.  The kids were away, the missus was away it should have been the ideal time for me to get hardcore but I sadly let the side down.  I was far too slow on the Overcharges and was kicking out only about 5k dps despite some recent gear upgrades.  On Saurfang on both 10 and 25 man I can reach a peak of 12k dps and my first crack at RS10 with the guild I two shotted Halion (I only died once which was due to not knowing what the hell cutters were lol) with a comfortable 8 – 9k dps.  As much as I may have been frustrated with some others’ attitudes during EWF, believe me I was far more frustrated at myself for putting in such a poor showing.

Last Updated on Monday, 23 August 2010 18:42

Runz News

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What's this Runz?  An actual blog article involving words? Syntax?  And, dare I hope to dream?  PARAGRAPHS?!?! Yes, yes I know, it's kinda been a while since I did a proper blog post rather than like a video post or something else that meant I didn't have to actually sit down and fail miserably at stringing a basic sentence together.  In fact it was in early Julember sometime around half past quarter to from that I popped my last couple of actual posts ups; the Introductory Guide to mages and the Basics of Glyphs.  Then I had my break with my family, then I went back to work and it was all like "awwww sooo much stuff to catch up on and my sleep pattern is screwed and all I want to do is watch amusing youtube videos" but now, now I am back my friends.  And, as I have deliberately steered away from looking at the blog for the past two months beyond posting videos up, I was pleasantly surprised (you can take that as a euphemism for having a complete and total nerdgasm) to see that nearly 3,000 of my happy little magelings have been clicking on the the past two articles in the two months that I've been largely absent.

THREE THOUSAND OF YOU (almost) !!!!!!!!!

Now compared to some blogs that's not a huge number for that timeframe but to me that's absolutely gargantuan (word of the day) and I just kinda wanted to say thanks guys, I'm a very happy little troll.

So what have I been up to in the two months past?

Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 September 2011 09:10

Somewhat Belated Season's Greetings

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Yeah, I know I'm kinda late but some of us have to work you know, and finish gearing properly..... and play Dwarf Fortress when the internet is down/causing lag. 

Runz & MiniRunz bringing in the yuletide spirits

I really do hope everyone had a great Christmas and you all have some great parties to go to on New Year's Eve.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this blog over the past six months and my New Year's resolution is to expand it and make it even better (other resolutions include; finish the guild video, not to drown my dwarves in Dwarf Fortress by accidently mining into a lake, make more effort to clean the house for Mrs Runz when I'm home and to be the bestest mage going).

Thank you to my guildies in Darkened; thank you for being such a fantastic bunch of people who make me smile everytime I'm online.  Thanks for putting up with my ridiculous hijacking of gchat with capitalised greetings to and from everyone.  Many, many thanks for giving an old senile mage a home for the past year and a half and thank you for enduring my epic lag fests that usually involving me standing stock still in the fire, missing an interrupt and doing less DPS than the healer.  Your understanding of the tremendous issues I have in gaming whilst away and your willingness to still do your best to help me out is nothing short of a true testament to the friendliness and awesomeness of the guild.

Finally, my biggest thank you to Mrs Runz.  Thank you for giving me two gorgeous, amazing boys; for putting up with my myriad of foibles, for sticking with me through the rough times and good.  I could ask for no better person to spend my life with; you are my greatest love and my very best friend.

All the best and see you in the New Year


Last Updated on Thursday, 30 December 2010 10:13

Source Filmmaker In Open Beta

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In case you missed the news earlier, Valve plans on releasing its Source based trailer making tool to the general public.  That's right it's the same tool used by Valve to create the recent 'Meet The Pyro' trailer - in fact it was used for all the 'Meet the...' shorts.  In had been in closed Beta, but as of about 5pm UK time on 10 July it entered Open Beta and is completely free for you guys to download and use.  Machinima fans have already been really hard at work and so great videos have already been produced, below are two that have really stood out to me.


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