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Mage T11; It's Official, Blizzard Loves Mages Again

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OK Guys, I will endeavour to make this as quick as possible cos I have a ton of stuff to do; there's a guest post to edit, I'm still desperately trying to download the patch, I have more thoughts and feelings to write about mages and 4.01 and on top of that I'm expected to do actual work at my job urggh.  However this morning I saw this, I very nearly fell of my chair and the yelp of pure ecstasy I involuntarily emitted gave my work colleagues cause for concern.  Ladies, Gentlemen, distinguished mages; I humbly present to you the new Tier 11 Raiding gear - bathe in its glory!


Mage Tier11 For The Ladies

Mage Tier 11

Last Updated on Thursday, 14 October 2010 09:06

One Year Blogiversary & Compo Winner

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Hai guys and welcome to a very special blog post for Runzwithfire.co.uk.  Why so special you ask?  Well today marks the one year anniversary of when I posted my first article up on this site and, to quote the achievement name, what a long, strange trip it has been.  When I first started Runzwithfire.co.uk I intended it to really be a site where I could stick up my machinima as and when I got the time to produce it; sadly my work schedule (combined with my home life and WoW schedule) are not quite so forgiving on me and I rarely get the time to produce all the machinima I want.  Our guild promotion video has been 9 months in production so far >.<

So rather than let the site wallow away unused I decided I would blog, after all I was already hijacking people's comments pages with my lengthy views (rants?) on things occurring in the world of Azeroth, why not save other people's server space and create my own blog?  It started with a warm post introducing myself and why I wanted to blog and my experiences playing in WoW and it garnered a small following mainly of guildies and a couple of notable fellow mages.  Since that time, however, I have refined what I have wanted to do with the blog and found myself writing more and more guides to being a mage, giving my views on the latest patch notes (usually where it affects mages), highlighting other blog posts which I believe people should read (again usually with a magey bent to them) and... awwww hell I admit it I just like anything with mages involved.  As the blog evolved, so has my readerbase, and with that evolution has come expansion.  A new post will now get about 300 pageviews in the first few hours - sure it's not much compared to many other (better written lol) sites and there are never all that many comments (I take that to mean everyone agrees with me.  What's that?  I'm right?  Thought so!) but people were reading, they were finding the information I wanted to share with them useful.

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 July 2011 17:37

Around The Water Cooler: Are Pandaren Really A Step Too Far?

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It's a brucie bonus double post today!  Why?  Well I've seen a lot of different opinions regarding the introduction of Pandaren into WoW as a new (non-playable!) race so I've decided that it's time we hash this out right now - cos I'm dynamic like that.  Up on the Runzwithfire Facebook Page I decided to post the following discussion and I'm interested to see what you guys think (links to my facebook on the right hand side and the discussion links below).

"So people seem to be largely split on the idea of Pandaren in WoW.  Some people seem to be outraged that what started as a joke race in Warcraft 3 is now becoming a fully fledged race as if WoW itself is succumbing to its own parodies and that this is the beginning of the end.  One of my arena mates has already decided that this will be their last expansion for WoW.

But haven't we heard that before?  The beginning of the end; didn't we hear that with Wrath?  What about when Cataclysm hit?  How many numerous features were rumoured to herald the end of of Azeroth (not to mention the number of other games that were meant to do the same)?  But the truth is WoW is still here and still stronger now than during any other time in the last three expansions.

And let's face it, although I was sceptical at first WoW has seen many new races added since Vanilla.  Surely Worgens were a much more outrageous addition than Pandaren ever will be?  Still not convinced?  What about the alien space goats that actually had to be retconned into the lore?  Aren't they now one of the most popular alliances races?  Hell at least Pandaren have been in the lore since way back in Warcraft 3 and therefore make much more sense than worgen and draenei combined?

I spoke on the vlog before when MoP was first trademarked that I didn't think it would be a bad thing to include Pandaren provided they were taken seriously, and looking at this very early start Blizzard has made I think they are doing just that.  So after all the werewolves, space goats, native american talking cows, walrus people (I mean come on, walrus people?) and numerous other races added, is the addition of Pandaren as a race (EDIT: Whoops, they're definitely a player race; not sure how I feel about that) really such a deal breaker when you look at it logically?

What do you guys think?  Is there something else you would have rather seen?"

So join the discussion at http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=184867094865807&topic=332 and let me know what you think!

I'll have more musings on Mists of Pandaria (MoP) soon!

Last Updated on Saturday, 22 October 2011 09:13

The Stormwind Bank Job

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Half the fun of being in a guild is doing fun things together for a laugh, with that in mind Darkened decided that it was time to do a heist on the Stormwind Bank under the pretense of a 'Mammoth Pride Parade'.

It's doing fun things like this that builds espirit de corps in a guild, which keeps it strong.  I'm gutted I missed it, I was on arena 3v3 duty, but everyone involved said it was a fantastic event and a much better way to spend a non-raid night than just sitting in Orgrimmar spamming the /flex emote in their best gear :P

Many thanks to Mitchez for recording and posting the video. 


My Machninima: Darkened Guild Video

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My second proper machinima video which recounts the (slightly embelleshed) tale of how our guild, Darkened, pwn'd the Lich King.  Seriously, this has been about a year in production as work, family and guild commitments have all impacted on how much time I've had to dedicate to this project.  So man many thanks to all my guildies who have waited so patiently for this.

This video may also be called "Runz learns different techniques in After Effects" as I try progressively more advanced effects as the video goes on.

Anyway, our guild is awesome and I just wanted to reflect that awesomeness as well as some of the fantastic guild personalities that we have. Big up to our guild leader Exclusivia.

Guild Website: http://darkened.wowstead.com

Many thanks to Video Copilot and http://www.youtube.com/user/Iaenic

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