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One Year Blogiversary & Compo Winner

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Hai guys and welcome to a very special blog post for Runzwithfire.co.uk.  Why so special you ask?  Well today marks the one year anniversary of when I posted my first article up on this site and, to quote the achievement name, what a long, strange trip it has been.  When I first started Runzwithfire.co.uk I intended it to really be a site where I could stick up my machinima as and when I got the time to produce it; sadly my work schedule (combined with my home life and WoW schedule) are not quite so forgiving on me and I rarely get the time to produce all the machinima I want.  Our guild promotion video has been 9 months in production so far >.<

So rather than let the site wallow away unused I decided I would blog, after all I was already hijacking people's comments pages with my lengthy views (rants?) on things occurring in the world of Azeroth, why not save other people's server space and create my own blog?  It started with a warm post introducing myself and why I wanted to blog and my experiences playing in WoW and it garnered a small following mainly of guildies and a couple of notable fellow mages.  Since that time, however, I have refined what I have wanted to do with the blog and found myself writing more and more guides to being a mage, giving my views on the latest patch notes (usually where it affects mages), highlighting other blog posts which I believe people should read (again usually with a magey bent to them) and... awwww hell I admit it I just like anything with mages involved.  As the blog evolved, so has my readerbase, and with that evolution has come expansion.  A new post will now get about 300 pageviews in the first few hours - sure it's not much compared to many other (better written lol) sites and there are never all that many comments (I take that to mean everyone agrees with me.  What's that?  I'm right?  Thought so!) but people were reading, they were finding the information I wanted to share with them useful.

Just as importantly I found warmth and acceptance from the blogging community, and seriously guys I don't think there is a warmer community in all of Azeroth than the fellowship of bloggers.  I was overjoyed when I received my first comments from Vidyala, Syl, Gnomeaggedon and Gazimoff.  I damn near wet myself when I found that Larisa at the Pink Pigtail Inn deemed me worthy enough to put on her blog read list.  I was touched to find new bloggers such as Stubborn had me on their read lists and left such motivating and kind comments.  Even now, getting Twitter follows from giants like Matticus and Cynwise makes me giddy as a schoolgirl.  It doesn't mean I'm fantastic by any stretch of the imagination, hell half the time everything is so riddled with silly spelling and grammar mistakes I have to revamp it like six times after I've published it.  But it meant that someone, somewhere was reading this, enjoying this and finding it useful.  Even if that was only one person, it made it all worth it in my eyes.

So thank you, to everyone who has ever stopped by to read one of my posts; from the casual browser to the Twitter follower, from the guildie to the blogging legend.  Whoever you are, it doesn't matter, I just wanted to say thank you.  You have made every bit of effort I've put into this site worth it I really appreciate your continued support and it makes me glad to think you may have found use and/or enjoyment from reading the rantings of this insane, incontinent old troll mage.

What The Future Holds

Well right now I'm still working on updated guides for patch 4.2 (I know I'm soooooo slow but they're getting there) and another vlog will be incoming.  I've found I actually enjoying the vlogging, they just need a bit more polish but as with everything at Runzwithfire.co.uk it will all come in time.  As my dear dad used to say about me "Laid back?  He's bloody horizontal mate!".  There are many more blog posts to come and I really hope to keep writing for as long as you lot can bear to put up with me XD

Competition Winner

Of course to show my appreciation for the support everyone has shown me over the past year, I did hold a special competition with the chance to win a Mottled Drake WoW TCG Loot card.  I have picked a winner and emailed to code to them last night.  So congratulations to Judenai the Worgen Druid, I really hope you enjoy your new mount.  This was no easy decision, there were some absolutely great competition entries and I loved every single entry I received.  But alas there can be only one and not only did the pony come out really well but Judenai wrote possibly the most amazing description piece to go with it which meant she just had to win:

This is my MLP WoW character, Judenai.

*Sound of kicking and screaming*  “WHY THE HECK AM I IN A ADORABLE PONY BODY!?!”

Heh heh…..  That’s Jude herself.  She doesn’t really enjoy being stuck in a pony’s body.  Oh well.

So, how to describe my pony….worgen….thing.

Well, I guess I can start with the body build.  She’s very skinny, and one word I would use to describe her is lithe.  So, I made her thin.  And not buff at all.

“Of course I’m not buff.  I’m the epitome of perfection.  ‘Buff’ does not belong in perfection.”

Well, Jude’s also very arrogant.  Kinda comes with being a Gilnean.  So, onto her coat color.

I was stuck between using a green color, to symbolize her bond with nature, or her hide color.


Yeah, you heard her.  So, I went with a dark grey, her fur color.

Her mane and tail?

Well, in human form, sh e has reddish-brown hair.  So, seeing how that also goes along with her bloodthirstiness, I used it for the color.

She usually has her hair just bundled up-whatever is the most useful, not the most ‘pretty’.

Oh-why does she have wings?  Well, she’s a druid of the Talon.  Well, she was….

“Stupid stuck-up pricks….. how was I supposed to know that torturing harpies for information was against their moral code?”

So, she still has her wings.  She loves the feeling of the air whooshing past her face, and it also represents her.  She hates being held down, and hates any rules or anything really that restricts her.

Her face and eye color.

Well, you saw her evil glaring eyes…..

“I call it ‘determined’.”

Yeah, whatever.    Anyway, she tends to have a bit of a cruel streak in her.  I think it’s just her acting out, but she swears that it goes deeper than that.  (She has a bad habit of stealing gnomes, and then their remains turn up weeks later.)

That’s where the facial expression comes from.

Her eyes?  Well, she used to be a sweet little Gilnean farm girl, although she’ll tell you otherwise.

So, even though all worgen females now get the same eye color, I wanted to keep a bit of her innocence in her.

Oh, and those boots and cuffs?

Well, when you’re mercilessly killing thousands of Horde(no offense) you need some stompin’ boots!

Onto her cutie mark, one which I have horribly stuck in there.

“Got that right.”

A leaf surrounded by the moon.

Before the invasion, she was out in nature, practicing her arts. When the worgen first came, she was infected out in the woods, so turned into a worgen a bit faster than everyone else.

Believe it or not, she actually enjoyed the hunt and the kill.  She’s a feral druid, so that kinda explains it….

But when she was given the choice to choose, she took it.

So, the cutie mark explains how she’s adapted her old lifestyle to fit the new.

Did I miss anything?

*Cough cough*

“Yes, you did.”

“I am a beautiful and fierce worgen, and now you and your stupid contest have changed me into a monster of cuteness!”

“You better watch your back, troll-mage.  Because when you’re least expecting it, a FLYING PONY OF DEATH WILL AVENGE HERSELF!!!”

“That is all.”

“Thank you.”

Last Updated on Thursday, 21 July 2011 17:37  


0 # congratzTuek 2011-07-21 17:50
Happy blog anniversary!! I may not be experienced in the blogging arts but I honestly think you've done a fantastic job with the contents. It keeps me reading and I'm also looking forward to more posts and especially more vlog posts.

As for the pony competition, that is one awesome description and pony, congratz!
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0 # Happy Blogday!Stubborn 2011-07-21 22:02
To be honest, I had no idea you were so young. You seem like an old hand at blogging. Happy Blogday, and may the best of your past be the worst of your future!
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0 # RE: One Year Blogiversary & Compo WinnerSyl 2011-07-22 07:48
A very happy bloggaversary to you! Great to see you keep going, making it to 1 year is quite an achievement in blogging, you know. :)
that pony has a very sneaky look on its face btw!
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0 # RE: One Year Blogiversary & Compo WinnerJudenai 2011-07-23 04:53
Thank you soooooooo much!
I had fun making the pony and writing the description, and I love my new mount!
*Starts running around screaming her head off in happiness*
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